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Cybersecurity investments of the Big Tech Giants.

Last weekend, I had the chance to hang out with my brother Mike Arbrouet and we visited the premises of 3 #GAFAM giants: GoogleApple and Facebook. We noticed that physical security is very well managed: guards are everywhere and moved by bike or car. Oops, we forgot this little flying bird peering down from above (I don’t know what it is, could be surveillance drone). :-)

Thinking about all this, I searched Statista for the cybersecurity investments of these giants and found this in its 2022 report (see the end of the video). These big tech companies are investing a lot in cybersecurity because data today represents a growing share of their value.

I conclude that businesses of all sizes should do the same in ensuring the security of customer data. Don't wait for cyberattacks to disrupt business operations, causing downtime and financial losses.

Now, let's see what #AI will do to locate the content of this post.

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